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7 Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

Crystal Cleansing is a critical component when using crystals for healing, manifestation or anything involving your Auric field. If not used only for decor, it is wise to cleanse your stones regularly. There are many ways to cleanse your stones. In this article we will briefly describe those methods.

First, why do you need to cleanse your crystals? Crystals vibrate at specific frequencies. When crystals are held by other people who operate at a low frequency or have negative emotions and intentions, the crystals may need to be recalibrated back to their initial high frequency state. So when you first purchase stones and crystals it is advisable to cleanse the stones before wearing or using to "recalibrate" and remove negative energies from those who may have handled them prior to you receiving or from environments they may have passed through before making it to you. Additionally, after wearing the stone or crystal it is advisable to cleanse it as the stone is working hard to maintain your energy field and may absorb anything negative from other people you encounter on a day to day basis. This occurs due to our energy fields emanating from our bodies significantly and entering other people's fields merely by standing near them. Cleansing is extremely simple. Find your favorite method below:

“Cleansing your stones is very simple. You choose a method, set it up and let nature do all of the work.” Robin

Method 1 Sun Cleanse

One of my favorite cleansing methods is by the power of the sun (perhaps it is because I am a LEO). This method is the fastest and easiest. Simply leave your crystal in the direct sunlight for 5 minutes. Take care not to leave certain lovely colored stones in the sun for too long. 5 minutes of direct outdoor sunlight is all you need. Windows are not recommended since a lot of glass is coated with filtering films. #crystalcleanse #suncleanse #circlesinstone

Method 2 Moon Cleanse

Moon cleansing may be done the day before, during or after a full moon. It is best to perform this cleansing on a clear night, however the crystal will still be cleansed if left out on a cloudy night. Simply place your crystal in sight of the full moon and leave be for the night. #fullmooncleanse #crystalcleanse #circlesinstone

Method 3 Brown Rice OR Sea Salt Cleanse

So what to do if it is not the full moon and you haven't had a gorgeous sunny day in awhile? Well if you have brown rice or sea salt available, it is advisable to have some on hand, you may take your crystal and bury it in a bowl of uncooked rice or sea salt. Making sure it is completely covered, leave it alone like this overnight then dispose of the rice or salt the next morning. DO NOT EAT THE RICE OR CONSUME THE SALT. It would have absorbed the negative energy and you do not want to ingest this. #brownricecleanse #crystalcleanse #circlesinstone

Method 4 Earth Cleanse - DEEP CLEANSING

If you have time to spare and a pot of dry dirt handy, you can bury your stone for an entire month (new moon to new moon recommended). This is a deep cleansing method for your crystals. You can do it for a shorter duration in times of need, however to fully benefit from the practice, a full month should be utilized. DO NOT ALLOW THE DIRT TO GET WET. #earthcleanse #deepcleanse #crystalcleanse #circlesinstone

Method 5 Smoke Cleanse

Sage or Sandalwood smoke is excellent for cleansing crystals. This method takes only 5 minutes. Simply light a sage smudge bundle or sandalwood incense (we have tons for sale if you need, I love the rope incense) and pass the crystals through the smoke that is produced. #smokecleanse #crystalcleanse #circlesinstone #incense #sandalwood #sage

Method 6 Water Cleanse

This is a summertime favorite. Hold your crystal under running water, a babbling brook or at the sea for 5 minutes. Allow the water to run over the crystal. For added cleansing you may place the crystal in the sun for 5 minutes to dry. This is a favorite of mine. Crystal elixirs are another water cleansing method. This is sea salt water that has been infused with a cleansing crystal such as fluorite or quartz. (I have made some and they are for sale if you are in need of pre-made elixir) #watercleanse #elixir #circlesinstone #crystalcleanse

Method 7 Sound Cleanse

Sound waves can be utilized to recalibrate your crystals. Singing bowls, bells, finger bells, triangles, tuning forks and chimes can be used for this purpose. Simply emit the sound for 5 minutes near your crystal and allow the phenomenon of resonance to recalibrate your crystal. (We sell a cute little brass bell that can do the job). #soundcleanse #crystalcleanse #circlesinstone

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