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Don’t Take Your Life by Colin


My name is Colin…n-e-way, one day I felt really bad and depressed cause my girlfriend broke up with me.  I wanted to end my life.  I went into my room with a pocket knife and was about to stab myself, just then I couldn’t move my hand it had no movement at all.  Then my chest felt a strange sting which felt like 500 bees stinging me.  This happened for 23 seconds.  I closed my eyes for the pain, then all of a sudden I’m in a bright white room which looked like it went on forever until I heard a voice which said “don’t take your life”!  I heard screaming…and the screaming was my voice.  I heard yelling for 30 seconds then it ended I was out of my room and in the kitchen where I got the pocket knife.  The knife was not in my hand though it was in the slot where I got it from a note was on the knife that said “don’t take your life”.as not in my hand though it was in the slot where I got it from a note was on the knife that said “don’t take your life”.

2005 by SpaceQuest


I was about 8 yrs old.  It was about 3am and everyone (mom, dad and my sister) was asleep.  I was asleep and then I seemed to have woken up for some reason.  All of a sudden I felt myself rise from my bed.  I went through my roof with no problem as if I were a ghost.  I was too scared to keep my eyes open so I closed them.  I then felt myself lying on something soft, like a thick blanket, but it was cold.  I tried opening my eyes but the lights in the room were too bright to keep them open.  I then heard voices saying “she isn’t needed now.  We’ll come back for her in 2005”.  I then felt myself lift up from the blanket thing and then going down.  I went down very fast and landed on something hard.  It was the living room floor.  When I opened my eyes, I realized I was on the living room floor!  I don’t know what kind of experience this is (outer body, alien encounter, etc.) but I do know that I am scared about the year 2005!

Latest OBE by Jacquay


I’m only 15 and I have been having OBEs since I can remember (11 years old).  The latest one was when I was laying on my bed and I’m scared because I can’t move my hands and I’m thinking to myself what’s doing this to me?  Then I look to my side and I saw a kid.  I don’t know the gender it was about 6 or 5 and it grabbed what seemed to be my hands and tried to haul me up.  When I was almost sitting up, I fell on my bed and then I tried to move my hands and I moved and woke up and stayed up for the rest of the night.  I told my mom the next day and told me not to worry about it but I don’t know what’s out there, so I’m still scared to sleep in my room or by myself.  But I’m hanging in there to find out as much as I can so I won’t have to be such a wuss.

Try Harder by Dolphie


Well I never even knew it existed till one of my friends told me about it, then searched on the internet and found many information.  So a few weeks later I actually succeeded, but it was the most bizarre experience I’ve ever had.  That night before I was practicing I was really sad and down because my friends weren’t paying any attention to me and I broke up with the guy who I thought loved me.  I was telling myself to please let me astral project and when I get there I will kill myself.  So I settled down, got all relaxed and cleared my thoughts and soon began to feel the vibrations.  I slowly calmed them down but they started to go way out of control.  I wasn’t scared or anything I could get out of my body it’s like I was glued there although I could see my body it was all dim and gray like it was lifeless.  I was trying to open my eyes, but I couldn’t and all of a sudden I heard this loud high pitch scream.  It felt like it was shattering my ear drums and then I heard this thunder along with it.  After about 30 seconds, I heard this voice while there was still screaming.  It was telling me “try harder” it was like and echo sorta bubbley knows like when somebody’s under the water but not really.  It freaked me out I couldn’t return back to my body.  Every time I heard the scream and the voice my body ached so bad I almost threw up everywhere.  Then I heard this thunder again and I went back into my body.  My body felt paralyzed I don’t know what any of this means and I’m still trying to figure out well happy trails and journeys.

Everything will be Alright by Richard


When I was in junior high I had an out of body experience.  I was very sick with a serious kidney infection.  One night I went into convulsions.  My mom and dad were in the kitchen playing cards with some friends.  My mo came in to check on me and saw what was happening.  She ran to the phone and tried calling our doctor but she couldn’t remember the number because she was so nervous and scared.  She dialed a number, which she had no idea whose it was or how she got it, it just came into her head.  It happened to be a new doctor that had just moved to town and he just happened to live two blocks over from us.  My mom had no idea that he even existed.  Anyway while they were waiting on the doctor, I found myself up in the corner of my room on the ceiling looking down at this person on the bed.  I realized right away that this person was me and I could see everything around me.  I saw mom crying her eyes out and me lying there lifeless.  Then all of the sudden I was back in my body.  I could still hear everything that was going on and I tried to tell them I could but I couldn’t get anything to move. 
The doctor finally got there which to my mom seemed like several hours but was only a few minutes.  He told her that he had a new medicine which he wanted to try and that he had just gotten it that day.  He also told her that I only had one chance in a hundred of living and for her not to get her hopes up.  All this time I could hear everything.  I was scared.  All at once I saw Jesus on the ceiling in the same place I was before.  He spoke to me and told me that everything was going to be alright and I was going to be okay.  I tried to tell my mom what he said but I still couldn’t speak.  I was sent to the hospital where I was bedfast for several months.  I then returned to home where I stayed in bed for over a year.  I took my schooling from an intercom which was connected to the school.  The state donated this and it was the first one that was ever tried in the state like that.  When I returned home from the service with my new wife my mom pulled my wife off to the side where I couldn’t hear and told my wife that the doctor had told her that I couldn’t have kids because of the kidney infection.  She had kept this from me all those years.  What my mom didn’t know though was my wife was already pregnant with our first child.  We have had three more since then.  I also now have eight grandkids.  She was also told that my kidneys would never be the same.  Well I’m here to tell you that my kidneys are as good as anyone’s now.
In 91 one of my sons got killed in a car accident.  It was the worst day of my life.  I went outside when it was over and just leaned against a wall and cried my heart out.  Suddenly I heard this voice saying over and over, it’s alright dad I’m okay.  I looked up and I saw his image in front of me.  It sort of scared me but he just kept saying this.  I won’t go into details about this right now but a lot of strange things happened in our home, car and with friends.  I know those are not OBE but I believe that they are connected.  If you like I will tell you about this later.  GOD BLESS everyone.

I’m Having an OBE? by Rune


Well I didn’t know what I was having all these years was the first stages of an OBE!  I sent a letter to Jim Malloy, a meditation instructor, and he wrote back that it was just that.  Here is what happens: I begin to hear a humming and ringing sound, then I try to move and cannot.  No matter how hard I try to move.  I asked him if it was like inner sound meditation and here was his reply: Hi Kouryuu…What you are describing could be a form of the Inner Sound Meditation, but from your description, it sounds more like an “out of body experience”, or at least the first stages of one.  Out of body experiences are often accompanied by a humming or buzzing sound…and when you are not fully in your body, it becomes difficult to move it.  Next time this happens, instead of trying to move your physical body, try moving across the room in your “subtle body” by the use of thought and intention.  Simply intend to change locations, and see what happens.  You might also want to read some things on “astral travel”, which is another name for this phenomenon.  “Journeys Out of the Body” by Robert Monroe is a good book on the subject.  I agree with your teacher, that achieving true health involves healing at the physical, mental and spiritual levels, and meditation will most certainly help.  I wish you much Light on your quest, Jim Malloy.