• The Law of Cause and Effect – When you do a ritual you are sending out focused energies on a certain goal.  Unfortunately if you don’t specify how you want the goal attained, they will work freely perhaps causing disaster in other areas of your life.  Once common example is asking for money.  If you don’t specify how you want to receive it, a loved one may die and you may end up with the sought after money.  Always envision how you want to receive it (getting the bonus at work, winning lottery, etc) Always do things with the highest of good intent.
  • Always ask for permission before performing a ritual for another person – Even if it’s out of the highest good of your heart, never without permission.  You are interfering with the course of the other person’s life and energies.  If not done correctly, you are responsible for the cause and effect law in another’s life going awry.  They may get what you asked for, but not in a way that they would have liked. Same goes for prayer.
  • The Law of Attraction – What we put out, we get back.  Send out negative energies toward an individual and you will be surrounded by negativity in some form (physical stress, emotional distress, mental anguish, spiritual loss in growth).  Never do harm to others, it is not your place.  Don’t frighten or intimidate with threat of using magick as that degrades the growth of acceptance of ritual for good as social norm.


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