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Red Eye by Gary


I want to report a sighting that myself and one of my friends saw, in Scotland, Dundee we were walking down from where our friends go after we walk them along a bit. We decided to take a little detour through the woods and we heard a huge sound like a bat screeching and then there it was a red eyed, fanged creature about a metre high, naturally we were scared and it looked like the cat got it’s claws on had no time for fear, I pulled out my chain from my bag and before I could hit it the little sucker, it jumped about 9 metres away from us.

On the Loose by Wheatrust


My friend near Copperas Cove, TX, has told me of several experiences that she had and her family have had on their farm.  They moved there near the South Fort Hood Army Base last summer.  First they just heard low screams or moans at night.  Then slowly, but surely, the ducks, geese and turkeys began to disappear.  The dogs in the neighborhood often begin barking around 3:00 in the morning.  Then finally two nights ago, her daughter looked out to see what the dogs were barking at.  She saw a creature about four-five feet tall jump the fence, run through the yard, and clear another fence, then run into the woods.  I will tell her to visit this site and add the details of what it looked like, and also the condition the geese were found dead.

In the Paper by Tangie


Listen people I don’t know what you think this looks like, but if you were a X-Files watcher you would know that there isn’t only the idea’s of the chupa looking like a rat or like a rat and a dog and goat in one, well I guess which one it is? It’s the furry one! Not too far from here, in the next little town these people had something eating their chickens.  Attention was not paid to how the chickens were killed it was only one noted that it was happening all the time so the people catch it think it’s a wild dog and shoot it.  They went over to it and were very surprised they called the paper.  We have the clippings from the Lake Charles American Press, in Louisiana, go check it out! It looks like a dogit’s all furry and it has goat feet, and it’s face is sharp, and has very short hair like a big rat!  These things are hairy not bald.  No they don’t have wings that was a new one on me! The first time I have ever heard about that was on this site so may be there’s some kinda cross breed or something I have no clue But, I seen this thing in the paper! So go check it!

The Chupacabra Mystery by Marc


I was taking my dog out at about 8:00.  The sun was setting but it was really bright.  So then my dog sees something and as soon as I let go of the chain, she ran for it.  All I could see was something furry and about as big as a dog.  I picked up a metal bar with intent to kill it and show it off.  I hit him, he made this weird noise, but then ran and jumped over a fence.  In the metal bar, there were some little sharp hairs like on a porcupine. I live in Indiana, PA.