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Spirit Guides and Past Lives by Robin


As I experimented with different boards, I have learned over the years that I have more pleasant experiences using boards other than the Ouija Board.  As you can read from the Colonel and Friends story below, my uncle’s house became haunted and activity started at my house from using that board.  Here’s the gist of what happens.
The Ouija Board has been used for many negative summons over the years, plus it’s style is so old.  People’s energy and intent over many years placed into a particular object or symbol encodes that item with that intent.  Negative intent/encoded objects draws negative in these situations.  My experience with boards that look anything other than a Ouija have NOT haunted my space nor other homes I have used it in.  I have pictured the Psychic Circle which I like very much.  I use this alone and get great results.  The nice thing about using alone is that you know no one else is moving it.  Shockingly it will move faster than you can process and that shows that you are not inventing what is being spelled out.  At times I would even expect one word and it would go to a different letter. That confirmed that my conscious was not moving it. I discovered I have two spirit guides, a man and a woman, Sal and Tess.  Different ones would communicate at different times.  They took turns. So here is where I’m a believer.
All my life I was that kid afraid of noise from fireworks, blanks shot from guns and basically any loud noise etc.  My mother told me that I jumped in her stomach when she was expectant with me and at a Civil War reenactment.
So I had a dream one night that I was a little boy living in poverty, living in a small structure/house.  There was a group of angry men that came into the house demanding for my father.  He wasn’t home. They grabbed me and forced me on to my knees.  Behind my head was a gun and they shot me in the head. I remember feeling the worst pinpoint burn ever that could be possibly felt before death.  That was a random dream.  Many years later I was using the board and talking to my spirit guides. I asked about last past life.
They told me I died when I was 5, I was a little girl named Benyke Palou from Uruguay.  I was shot by big rusty gun and someone was looking for my dad.  OK flashback to dream, Uruguay surname (how would I possibly know that) This was on the Psychic Circle ALONE. I was told once to tell someone I hadn’t spoken to and didn’t plan on speaking to in years to “Please tell him to not open bar”.  Well the person started talking to me out of the blue and I said on phone, I was using board and it told me to tell you not to open bar. He got quiet….he said he was thinking about starting a bar. So yeah I’m a believer. I like the psychic circle and do well with it.worst pinpoint burn ever that could be possibly felt before death.  That was a random dream.  Many years later I was using the board and talking to my spirit guides. I asked about last past life.

They told me I died when I was 5, I was a little girl named Benyke Palou from Uruguay.  I was shot by big rusty gun and someone was looking for my dad.  OK flashback to dream, Uruguay surname (how would I possibly know that) This was on the Psychic Circle ALONE. I was told once to tell someone I hadn’t spoken to and didn’t plan on speaking to in years to “Please tell him to not open bar”.  Well the person started talking to me out of the blue and I said on phone, I was using board and it told me to tell you not to open bar. He got quiet….he said he was thinking about starting a bar. So yeah I’m a believer. I like the psychic circle and do well with it.

Colonel and Friends by Robin


The ouija board has given me hours upon hours of entertainment.  Find the right person to talk to and you will be laughing for days.  I first received my board when I was 10.  Impatient as I was, it ended up in my game closet for 9 years, untouched.  It wasn’t until my friend convinced me to give it another shot.  We had a mysterious time with the board and I was rather convinced.  A few months later, I was excited about the subject and shared my stories with my uncle.  He was less than convinced, but I talked hi into it.  He asked if he could talk to anyone dead and I said yeah.  He is a civil war buff, so he chose a famous COL who died in his early 20’s (I’m not revealing his name because I’m not sure if he wants a flood of people trying to contact him).  Anyway, I know nothing when it comes to the civil war so this would prove to be the ultimate test.  We spoke to him while my mother kept notes.  That first night the COL said “killed by Gilmore Rifles”.  My uncle had the book from the movie made of the young man and his efforts.  Looking in the index was Gilmore.  My uncle turned sheet white and looked up, he was now 99.9% convinced.
Every other night we would spend the wee hours talking to this person.  His energy was very strong (I’m sure all the civil war memorabilia in the house helped) the letters were read off faster than could be recorded.  He loved telling us riddles from his era.  He told us when to laugh.  He even introduced us to his friends, one was named Miguel.  Later he said, “Riddle: Name a ghost made in Mexico”? we replied Miguel? and he said “Yes, laugh, laugh”.  My uncle asked if he kept up with today’s music and he said yes.  Then the ghost replied Alanis Morissette is half man.  (Sorry if Alanis is reading this, just stating what was said   )  We found this truly amusing.  He said “lemony, lemony” the floor was recently mopped with lemon cleaner.  Once he told us that he was above my uncle’s shoulder.  I was rather afraid to look up, but behind my uncle was the movie poster of his story.  One time we were trying to get a hold of the COL and another answered.  He said he was Bing Crosby, we highly doubted it but humored him.  We asked what his favorite movie was that he starred in and he replied Gone with the Wind. I asked if he was just a movie buff and he agreed. Real jokesters.
Well as it turns out things started happening at my uncles house. A bucket with absolutely no water inside was dripping water down sides and pooling.  A door tore off of his stereo cabinet while he was at work and laying on the floor. My mom saw a hairbrush spin in a circle on his sink. The stuff started happening at my house. I sat in the kitchen with my mom and the tv in the living room started flipping through channels and settled on a civil war documentary, footstomps, etc.  We got a ghost on the board named Barb and she said COL moved in to my uncle’s house January 3. She said he had 9 ghosts.

Caught in the Act by Anonymous


Once my friend was playing with a ouija board at my friends slumber party.  I chose to stay out cause I was always told they were evil so I watched for awhile.  We got no answer then it started spinning and it told us one of us was going to lose a friend and a boyfriend.  Then it told us that soon the person would get caught in the act.  With that they put it away and watched TV next week we caught my friend with my boyfriend.  It seems they were dating behind my back.  I haven’t spoke with her since.

MRB by Trish


Just wanted to let you know that when I was 15 I asked my ouija board to tell me who I would marry.  It kindly spelled out the initials MRB.  My boyfriend at the time saw this and demanded to know who MRB was.  I simply did not have a clue.  1 year later I met MRB at a mall.  He was from out of state.  6 years later we married and as we approach our 9th anniversary, we both are still very impressed by the ouija board’s predictions.

A Friend in the Board by Dorothy


When I first discovered that I could work the board alone I didn’t know that much about it, needless to say I found myself working the board without even thinking about it, in other words the board was controlling me which is not the way it should work.  It should be the other way around.  I got scared and threw the board away but since then I have gotten another one and the spirit is lots of fun to talk to,  She laughs and makes jokes just like a live person and she gives good advice too.

A Young Boy by Cody


I had a weird experience on a board some time ago.  Not completely convinced that the board worked.  I asked my cousin and his girlfriend if they had ever used one, and they told me they had.  So, I got the board and we began asking a series of questions.  I was amazed that the board was working, because it never had before.  Anyway, the spirit that we were talking to told us he could see a young boy in the room.  I asked if the young boy was me, seeing as how I was the youngest in the room.  It replied “No”.  So, then we asked if the boy was my cousin, Doug, to which it again replied “No”.  The spirit said that the young boy in the room was in the stomach of Doug’s girlfriend.  Several months and a sonogram later, we were all astonished to learn Doug’s girlfriend was fixing to give birth to a son.

Houseguest by Drgn2Ldy209


A few years ago I used the ouija board a lot with my friend, until for some reason I was only able to contact 1 possibly up to 6 spirits on my board.  I tried to contact a spirit that I used to talk to all the time, but (they) wouldn’t let me.  So I stopped for awhile.  Possibly a month later the board started calling me.  Like I had to pull it out just to touch it.  It was the weirdest feeling.  I gave in.  As soon as I touched it I knew something was wrong.  Soon after that my entire family started hearing the front door open and close, then we would wait till the person would walk in the kitchen so we could see who it was.  Nobody would show up, but then we would catch a glimpse of somebody walking down the hall towards the back of the house.  The problem was that there was nobody else in the house but me.  It always happened to 1 person never a witness.
A few years later my grandmother passed away in our home, and my father thought he saw her here a few times walking down the hallway.  Sometimes my two boys, 2 yrs and 9mo, will look over my shoulder like someone is talking to them.
Oh, by the way our home is only 5 yrs old and we are the only owners, so besides my grandmother here, I don’t know who I released from the ouija board into my home.

Good Advice by Russ


I’m a man in my early thirties and I have recently started using the ouija board.  I used it once quite a few years ago and I know that it works.  I have been researching the ouija, strange happenings, etc…on the net, I’ve noticed there are a lot of negative experiences out there.  I wanted to say that not all experiences with the ouija are bad.  I think a lot of it has to do with the person’s state of mind.  I mean the way they perceive the ouija board.  If you start to use a ouija board and expect to talk to evil spirits/demons (or whatever term you use) that is whats going to happen.  If you come in to it with an open mind not expecting any particular thing your  experience will be what you want it to be.  I believe you control the board not the other way around (the spirits you come in contact with are by your choice, if you happen to experience an evil/bad spirit remove your hand from the planchette and ask to talk to a good one) I believe it’s that simple.  I have been talking with a woman (who is a good spirit I believe) and her son.  I haven’t experienced any problems with them except for her son playinng some tricks (which he later admitted to, he just wanted to play around a little) he did things like I saw two red eyes at my door, scared my daughter (which I didn’t approve of) little things like that.  I simply told him that some playing is fine but if he continued I wouldn’t speak with him anymore and that’s been the end of it thus far.  They have been very pleasant to talk to.  I actually enjoy talking with them, they are very funny mmost of the time.  The mother and I talk quite a bit, we are developing a very strong bond between us.  I think it’s cool.  Talk about changing your day to day grind haha.  There are other things I could say about my experiences with the ouija board, but for now I just wanted to tell people that all experiences are NOT NEGATIVE. ITS WHAT “YOU” MAKE OF IT!!!!!

Strange Behavior by Star


When I was about 13 me and my friends would mess around with a Ouija board.  About three weeks after we started using it a lot of strange happenings started.  1st my friend started seeing misty images walking around her house at night, including a spirit of a small girl who never said a word but would start to stare at you as if she was begging for help and then would just vanish.
2nd there came a day when my friend started to tell us that she had started using the board by herself and that she felt as though she was not alone.  When we asked her to explain she said that she had started to black out and lost time from her day.  Then one day a voice which did not sound like hers but came from her mouth told each of us things that were going to happen in the the future to each of us.  We all kind of blew it off and figured that she was just taking this ouija board thing too far.  This type of behavior continued for sometime until she suddenly moved away.  All of which this voice predicted came true in our lives down to the detail.  I have not seen nor heard from her since she left however, I have heard that she has never quite been the same since she used the board alone.

B.U.D.D. by Ganns


A few friends of mine were using a ouija one night.  After a few unsuccessful tries we finally contacted a spirit named “budd”.  After asking a few random questions it revealed its last name to be “dwyer”, and then randomly spelled out 357. along with suicide.  Needless to say I thought this was the doing of one of my friends pushing the planchette, but a few weeks later I was one the internet and typed in budd dwyer into a search engine…..to my amazement it was a real person.  Budd dwyer was the treasurer of PA and was accused of accepting bribes, before his day in court “budd” called a press conference and on national TV he pulled out a 357 revolver and blew his brains out.  This happened in 83, and the video clip of the suicide is available to see on the net.  Needless to say I’m convinced now that the ouija isn’t a mere “game”.

My Experiences with the Board by Cyn


In 1970, I was a freshman at University of Miami, in Florida.  I was always interested in the “unknown” and met a girl there that “claimed” to be a witch.  One night, we picked up a ouija board and the planchette seemed to take on a life of it’s own!  It flew out of our hands and across the room, and, while it was working, would continually curse at us.  Needless to say, I thought that would be my last experience with the board.  A few months later, I switched dorm rooms, and one of my roommates was an American girl who had been raised in Hong Kong.  She wasn’t Oriental, she was a Jewish girl whose parents happened to live in Hong Kong for a while.  Susan told me she worked a board regularly, by herself, and was in contact with her Grandfather, who advised her at times.  That got my curiosity up.  I figured if she could do it herself, I didn’t need anyone to work a board with me.  I went out and got a board, and (I am not kidding), sat up an entire night with my hands on the planchette.  Shortly before dawn, the next day, the things actually started to move.  I didn’t believe it, so I told it (in my mind’s voice) that if it really was there, to wake up my roommate.  Guess what!  My roommate sat up in bed and asked why I had just “hit” her! (I was sitting across the room).  I was still skeptical, so one night I asked it what I would be doing, and it told me I’d be going to a party and would meet some guy named Steve, who played guitar.  Well, I had plans for that night, and they didn’t include a party.  When I was walking out the door, the phone rang, and a friend told me they were having a surprise party for a mutual friend, and could I come.  I didn’t make a connection to what the board had said until, while at the party, I had been talking to some guy for a while, when we decided to get together and play some guitar.  I asked him his name, and, to no surprise, he said “Steve”.  Since that night, I have taken the board very seriously.  And I still use it, though not very often.  The “spirit” who comes to me calls himself “Gary”, and, I’ve found that he is the only one I contact when I use the board.  I even saw him once.  I was living in a house that had a lot of spirits, and one night, some guy appeared in front of the TV and waved to me.  I know the eight other people there didn’t see him…no one reacted, but I did, and I “knew” it was “Gary”.  There have been times I’ve used my board with other people, and, depending on that other person, I’ve gotten some very negative feelings come out of the board, so I prefer that no one else touch it, but me.  I also will not use the board…or haven’t…if I “feel” something in the house, nor have I used it much since my daughter was born six years ago.  I know the negatives associated with using a ouija board, but I don’t feel that when I talk to mine because, brfore I use it, I say a protection prayer, and, after I’m done, I always cut the connection by telling it “goodbye”.  There have been times, to test it, I’ve laid a cross on the board, and I’ve never had a negative experience while doing that.  As I said before, I don’t use it all that often anymore, but, once I put my hands on the planchette, it goes into it’s “routine”; it turns around, it zigzags up and down, and no, it does not give me definitive answers for the future.  I learned long ago not to ask direct questions because the answers are always in a puzzle…something I have to figure out, or they will guide me to the right path, but will not give me direct solutions.  I have no fear of the ouija board.  It’s been a part of who I am for so long.  I do respect it though, and don’t play with anything I know is negative.

My Guardians by Jenaia


I can’t go into much detail now…but while still in college I became acquainted with a series of guardians and familiar spirits via the board.  A friend’s guardian was a dragon who went by the name of Fac (his name was much longer, what to us looked like a bunch of jibberish letters).  There were other creatures that acted as guardians, including a very powerful one named Begiam who was a Kagan (large, massive creature with tufts of silky hair on it’s “ankles”, chest and the tip of its tail…I never got an impression of its head or face though.  I kept a journal of our conversations with these guardians, they would sometimes fight (to us it would be stressful days or bouts of depression), they would sometimes be very weak, or incredibly strong.  The person I used to speak to them with is long gone now.  I’ve only been able to summon them one or two times since…I miss them terribly…although I do get the impression on occasion that they look in on me, and I woke up thinking about Begiam a few months ago, in my dream I saw his face…

The Screamer by KLD


Okay, me and my sister’s friends were playing with the ouija board at my sister’s birthday party.  We were asking it a bunch of questions like we always do.  The night before I had the radio on and then the radio would sound as if it was off, then I would hear a horrible scream.  It did that twice.  While talking to the spirit I asked if it was the person who screamed on the radio the night before and it said yes.  With that, it totally freaked me out and I started crying.  But after reading that ghosts can read minds or even lie, I now realize that it could have just been lying to me.  But it was totally freaky.