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Death Nell or Feather Nell by Cindy


My husband has this round feather (botton) for lack of words…It is approx. 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter, approx. 1 inch thick…There is no clue or means of these feathers bonding together…but they are…in a perfect spiral shape…It is simply a botton of feathers that have formed natural in a solid spiral shape.
It belonged to his grandmother, who told the story that it was removed from relatives feather pillow after her death…Story goes that this great aunt (I think), was very ill and had been bed ridden for quite some time.  One day she told them that her time had come and she knew she was dying because her pillow was buzzing…She died that day…They opened her pillow to find what was making the buzzing sound.  This feather botton was what they found…It really is quite pretty the way it spirals so perfectly.  But we have not been able to get any further information, as everyone has passed on.  But have never come across anyone who has ever heard of such a thing.  But his grandmother, as she would tell the story, acted as if it was no big thing, like it was common..

Relative Dream by Lisa


I am writing this for a few reasons.  The main reason is that for a very long time, I have had the strangest, yet peaceful feelings.  The second reason is in hopes that if anybody knows anything about what may be going on with me, they will give me advice.  Please, I would love to hear your opinions and advice about this.  Sorry if this letter is long, but I want to share it from the beginning so you can get a feel of what I am talking about.
I am a 24 year old female.  When I was about 13 years old, myself along with my aunt and uncle used a ouija board.  I think partially out of curiosity and partly out of boredom.  It has been awhile so I can’t remember specific names, but I clearly remember that the person we talked to gave us very specific details about things that happened in the past, as well as predictions for our future.  I know I wasn’t moving the eye, and I truly believe my aunt and uncle weren’t either.  Most of the things it predicted did in fact happen.  For several years, I pushed it out of my mind, unti l recently, for some reason something in my mind told me to look in to it again.  That’s really the main reason I am writing this.
OK, here goes.  As a child, I never knew my father.  Instead, I had a grandfather who was pretty much my father figure.  He did everything with me that a natural father did, probably even more.  When I was 16, he got cancer and passed away at home.  My aunt found him and it was very hard for all of our family to accept.  The doctors said although they weren’t able to get rid of the cancer, he would live a while longer if he followed their strict instructions.  He did, and nevertheless, he passed away unexpectedly one morning after taking my grandfather to work.  He came home, backed the car in to the garage, and sat down at the kitchen table to take his medicine (we know this because his meds were found on the floor).  My aunt found him later that morning still sitting up at the table, eyes closed, but he was dead. (I still don’t know if he went through any pain, but I like to think since his eyes were closed, he died quickly, with little or no pain).  She tried to revive him, with no luck.
Ever since, I have very vivid dreams from time to time.  Although I think about him a lot, the dreams seem to come at a time when I haven’t really been thinking about him much.  The dreams are basically the same.  It is usually at the house where he died (my aunt and uncle now live there) and usually at a time where the immediate family would all be there, Xmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays, etc. He will be there, sitting on the sofa, or even at the table where he died.  I am the only person that is able to see him and he usually puts his hands up and says shhh to me, then I may go up to him and hug him or I have even sat on his lap once, and he will fill me with so much love, I can almost feel it.  He will usually talk to me for awhile, although I cannot recall any of the conversations in detail, and then he says he has to go, I will then yell for the rest of my family to come and see him, but they can’t hear me.  I cry to him and beg him not to go, and I can never remember a time where I have seen him leave.  I will just wake up or roll over or something like that.  In other words, I can’t remember any of the dreams ending with him leaving me, just him saying he had to go.  The other night, I had a very vivid dream that my whole family was at church, and there he was sitting behind us and I can remember he was wearing all brown.  I never recall him wearing brown in life, so I thought it was weird to have remembered the colors so well.
Well, this evening, I was chatting with my aunt on IM and told her about the dream with the brown clothes.  She said she sometimes has dreams and while she was typing in her dreams, I was typing in the dreams where he was in the family house.  I looked up and I was so freaked out because she wrote the exact same thing.  She has the same dream.  He is there and says shhh to her too.  I really don’t talk often with my aunt because I get so sad speaking about his death and memories make it even harder to cope.  Do you think this is him communicating to us through dreams?  How else could you explain the same dream, maybe not the same night, but we both frequently have these dreams, and they are always the same in nature.  I can’t speak for my aunt, but I always wake up the next day feeling this very overwhelming sense of love and joy.
Does anyone think I will be able to contact him through the ouija board?  If so, how do I go about getting him to come.  I would really prefer doing it by myself, just so I can be sure what happens is in fact true.  Do you have any opinions or advice for me? Anything will be great!  Thanks, and all you believers out there, keep believing!  Some day all of our questions will be answered.

My Experience with Family by Rachel


After my father’s death, I’ve been having these dreams of him.  I once dreamed that I went to this weird, but familiar place.  It was a big house.  At first, it looked like it was a party.  Everyone was laughing.  I looked around and noticed my dad.  He smiled at me and told me “I never knew I was loved so much” and takes off around the corner.  I don’t remember at first, that he had just passed away.  I then turned around and the whole room was not full of laughter no more, but everyone was crying!  I then ran after my dad around the corner.  There was a very narrow hall, that only led to one room.  The door was closed.  I then turned knob, and pushed the door open.  When I opened the door, I saw my deceased grandparents and uncle.  They were sitting there drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes like they always did.  They were young looking though, and happy to see me.  They gave me a hug.  I asked them “Have you seen my dad”?  They said that he left a minute ago, I had just missed him.  Then my dream ended.  I told my grandmother about my dream and seeing her mom and dad and describing them to her.  There was no surprise to me that the way I described them to her, was the way they looked and dressed when they were younger.  She felt happy, and told me that I have a gift.  I’ve had other dreams of my dad telling me that he’s okay.  But this dream my sister had made me feel really happy, and told me my dad is watching over us and is still here.  My little sister is eight years old and the way she told this story, she couldn’t have made it up herself.  She dreamed that we were at my uncle’s (my dad’s brother) house and was carving pumpkins (It was around Halloween time).  A lot of our cousins were there, having fun and talking.  She says she turned around and saw my dad trying to get somebody’s attention.  Then he looked at her, and she told him “They can’t hear you, you’re dead.  You’re supposed to rest in peace now”! He came and sat right next to her on the porch steps and said “Nah, that’s not true.  I’m always behind you guys, always you’re my kids, and always will be.  I’m always right behind you, and watching you all”!  Then, she said he slowly started to disappear.  She told him not to go, and he just smiled at her then disappeared before her eyes!  She immediately woke up crying, and mother.  It’s kinda sad because my dad always told me, to tell my brothers and sisters (cause I’m the oldest)  That if he was to ever pass away, that he would always watch over us, and that we were all his babies.  I never had a chance to tell anyone of them that, but my dad told my sister as a reminder to me.  “Don’t forget” my dad still comes and visits, it’s a feeling that you know.  He plays with me in certain ways that makes me know that it is him!!

Let Them Speak to You by Ginni


I want to tell all about my awareness of psychic ability within myself. 
The very first time that I channeled on a ouija board when I was around 12 years old.  Of course it was as any teenager does and that is the “Am I going to get married” sort of questions.  It worked and I was told that I would get married and so forth.  After that time…and  that was in the early seventies when ouija boards were very popular…I forgot about ouija boards until about 5 months ago when a friend of mine said to me that she used to channel on a ouija board and we had forgotten how much fun it was and we ran out and bought one.
The session we had that night was very good and I had suspected that I did have a “ghost” living with me and that was confirmed and I even got a name that night too.  It brought back those memories of long ago and we started to get together once a week to “chat” on the board.
I know that many are skeptical of channeling and channeling on boards but experiences have led me to believe that we are all capable as that is something that is within all of us as we all have psychic abilities.  I have also learned that we are also surrounded by spirits all the time too and all through our lives as they are our true guardians and guides.  Finding a means to communicate with them is not hard as I started out channeling through the boards and I have to admit that the limitations of the board got my creative juices flowing again and I started to make my own boards made from printed graphics that I do on the computer and then I sandwich that between two pieces of glass and that works like a charm.  The glass is so slick that I gave up using a planchette and just let the spirits guide my hand and use my finger to do the pointing.  All that is in very simple terms is to surrender yourself enough to let the spirits guide you as that is how they make the planchette on the board move…it is not their energy but yours that they use to move the planchette around.  In my search to find better methods to talk to the other side I redesigned my channeling boards and put enough common words on them to make communication a little easier.  As I was trying to figure out what words to use, I would let the spirits tell me by moving my finger to the list of words that I had written out.  Then bingo…when I realized that they could move my hand and that I could read ahead of that movement I tried to let them spell out something on the keyboard of my computer!  It worked!  Now I use the keyboard and my simple word program to spell out the words that the other side guides me to spell and I also realized that I actually saw those words in my mind and as I type and I can now have very informative conversations with the other side.
My awareness of psychic ability has led me to ask the guides in my life the whys and the hows of this wonderful gift and what I have found out is incredible!  We are all connected to the other side or heaven as they do call it.  Each of us has that psychic ability implanted in us and we all can use it if we just open up.  The use of this ability is of course up to the user of how they use their gift.  Anyone asking for miracles may not get them or lottery numbers as anything used for personal gain is prohibited on the other side.  Self improvement is accepted.  As I have found out, they are out guardians/guides and helping us out on life’s course is what they are there for as long as we follow the rules because as in any society there are rules and laws and heaven has it’s own set of those rules and laws.  Now if someone wants to be scared out of their skin or speak to the devil or weave a dark spell then they better look elsewhere for that because that is prohibited.  Knowledge now is another story and asking about such things as stories of loved ones that have passed or history about a certain ancient civilization gets big responses and those are welcomed.  History lessons are a favorite for the other side!  Asking about your future is something left best alone unless it is volunteered because telling of life and death is prohibited.  Personally I’m not too keen on finding out when my time comes to pass over anyway!
I’m not saying that everyone will get to that level of communication but if you can just open up to it there is no telling what you can find out and benefit from personal knowledge.  Unfortunately this knowledge in many instances cannot be shared with the close minded and that is a shame because there is so much to learn of life outside our world and that realm that is called Heaven.  Try using a channeling board or try as I do and use your computer and see if you can let the energy of the other side guide your hand.  If you can get to where I have now gotten to that is to see the words form in your mind and you can keep up with a good pace as it is like reading ahead.  Watch out John Edward.
Psychic ability has been a mystery since the beginning of time but it has a very simple explanation…It is our connection to the other side/heaven and we all do have that connection we just need to learn to use it.