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My Family in the Midst of the Paranormal by Robin


A curious haunting occurred at my uncle’s house after our sessions with the talking board.  Every time I saw him he would report weird experiences.  He lived there alone, but that didn’t stop him from hearing a man sneeze in the middle of the night.  When we were in charge of monitoring the house while he traveled, doors would unbolt.  Before anyone considered ghosts as the culprit, he changed the locks and they still unlocked.  He complained of knocking sounds on his headboard and dresser.  His cat would attack the stereo, hissing and clawing.  One day he came home from work only to find that the door on his stereo cabinet was ripped from it’s hinges and lying on the floor.  My uncle told me how he was doing laundry in the basement and looked over to a bucket nearby.  The bucket was dripping water and pooling out on the sides.  The bucket was bone dry inside.  Yet, it kept seeping water.  One time he was in his room and tested the ghosts by thinking “open the door if you’re really here”.  His closet door slowly opened in front of him.  Whenever we had family gatherings, things would fall off of the countertop.  We would put them back, then they would fall back off.  One time when we were using the board, it sounded as though chains were dragging upstairs.  The cat would go nuts over the door to the upstairs too.
My grandparents home was built in an area once heavily populated by Native Americans.  My family experienced weird occurrences when they first moved in to the newly built house.  Strange sounds came from the attic (like dragging chains).  When no signs of animals were found, my grandfather marched up to the attic and said “Unless you start paying the God Damn bills, you can get the hell out”! After that the noises ceased.  My aunt saw a black hooded figure standing at the foot of her bed.  My grandmother witnessed a green mist that floated out of her closet, across the bed and out the window.  The pets watch the air as if things are moving.  The one side of my family is very receptive to these things.  When my grandmother was young, she saw a figure making stabbing motions over her sister while her sister was sleeping.  My grandmother also received a phone call from her deceased mother right after she died.  In a dream as a child, my mom saw her grandmother standing at the back of the hospital with angels waving goodbye. She woke up and her parents came home from the hospital upset. My mom’s grandmother had just died.
My cousin saw who he believed to be his grandmother.  He saw a greenish toned lady walking up a misty stairway up through the ceiling attic door in his room.  His next encounter occurred as a preteen and irresponsibly using the board with friends.  They had done something with ashes on a table only to look over and see that the ashes took on a new formation.  Additionally the name they had recorded of the spirit they had contacted was that of a demon.  My aunt got into magick shortly after that when she sought help from a new age store and they gave her all she needed to clear the space of the negative energy.  It left, then returned. Then of course there are all of my experiences which I will add later.

The Girl and the Light by Lisa


I have a couple of good ghost stories.  The first one goes ass follows:
One day I was home by myself baking cookies.  The cookies were in the oven and I was extremely sleepy.  I laid down as the cookies were baking and apparently I fell asleep.  I woke up to a little girl’s voice saying “Wake up Lisa”, and something or someone was shaking me.  I woke up, and the cookies had burnt to the point where smoke was rolling out of the oven.
The second story is as follows:
My ex-boyfriend and I were spending the night at his grandparents house.  It was the only house on the top of a mountain in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road.  I’ve always been a night person, so at 2am we decided to go for a walk.  About a mile down the road I noticed a light flashing in the distance off in a field.  At first I thought it was a lightening bug, but there was only ONE flashing light.  As it got closer it appeared MUCH larger and was definitely not a bug.  It kept coming slowly closer and closer as if it was shy, but yet was interested in us.  Before I knew it, the large white ball of light was floating RIGHT next to me.  I started to get nervous about it.  My ex had apparently had experiences with all sorts of odd occurrences on his grandparent’s property, and he warned me.  He said “remain calm”.  It is just as scared of you, as you are of it.  If you freak out, it will cause it to freak out, which I’m sure will freak you out more.  If you remain calm, it will remain calm, and you will both see that neither is harmful.  I was quite comfortable with it being around.  When we got to the driveway, it disappeared into thin air.  I have TONS of ghost stories, both good and bad.  I think I am just “in tune” with ghosts.  Maybe I will write more stories later.

The Ghost and the Computer


I have my own ghost story to tell.  I used to live alone with two dogs in a double-wide trailer.  Strange things started to happen, but I ignored them until they became a common occurrence.  Here are a few examples.  I had a spice rack on my wall in the kitchen and one day I arrived home from work and a bottle of black pepper was in the middle of my kitchen floor (about 7 or 8 feet away) and a pile of pepper was heaped next to it.  The strange thing is the pepper was at the back of the spice rack.  There were several bottles sitting in front of it, but they were all still in place, almost as if the pepper had jumped over them.
My bedroom seemed to be where the most abnormal things happened.  For instance, I used to keep angel figurines on the walls and on my dresser, but they would mysteriously move and break.  They never seemed to last very long.  One night, my boyfriend stayed over and after we got into bed the back door (which was locked) flew open and banged against the deck.  The same night, my closet door opened and all of the empty hangers started swinging.
I finally learned my ghost’s name when I realized she used my computer.  I had an astrology program installed on my computer with my name and birthday programmed into it.  No one else had ever used it.  But one day, I was signing on and in place of my name was the name Rebecca Judson.  I don’t remember her exact birth date, but it was in July and I think it was in ’67.  I soon learned that she was not a harmful spirit… I rather enjoyed her company.  She became rather useful in spooking some of my friends.  One night, I had a few over and we were using the Ouija board.  My computer was in another room.  It was turned on, but no programs were open.  We asked Rebecca to prove to my friends she was in the room…she told us to go to the computer, so we did.  WordPerfect was open, and her name was typed onto the screen.  None of my friends would ever use my talking board in y house again!

The Red Headed Girl by Jordan


OK, hi my name is Jordan and my moms old boyfriend lived in this old house (which we have no background on) and on the wall behind his bedroom door was the face of a very pretty young red headed girl carved into the wall.  When we moved in my mom didn’t notice it for a while and when she did she freaked.  She begged her boyfriend to scratch it off.  But he said he liked it and kept it on.  That night my mom had a dream it was outside of her boyfriend’s house and there was a red headed girl riding a horse with her back turned from out behind the house came a man with a bloody axe.  He called the girl’s name and when she turned around there was no face.  It was all bloody as if it had been chopped off.  My mom kept having these dreams until the face on the wall was scratched off.

The Phantom by Ashley


My 2 friends and my cousin and I were staying the night over my friend’s house and we decided to go hang out in the living room at about midnight we were all just sitting there and the lights went out.  One of my friends went to try to switch on the lights but she couldn’t get them on and t he whole while my cousin was screaming about 5 minutes later we finally got the lights on.  We asked my cousin why he was screaming he said cause he saw a rather large clock on the wall and it switched from 5:55-5:56-5:57-5:58 then it switched back to 5:55 and that’s when the lights came back on.  The weirdest thing was that he didn’t have a clock in his living room and it was midnight my cousin was in a cold sweat the whole night.

Over the Graveyard by Heather


My house is built over a grave site you could say, and more than once someone in the family or a close friend will see a figure move and no one’s there.  And plus stuff will be moved or just disappear.  And there was a body dug up in my backyard about 20 years ago!  People don’t believe it, but I tell them to come over and take a look and see for yourself.  Also I “feel” something go inside me and comfort me when something is wrong.  But hey, I can’t complain, my house has not been harmed (fires, breakins, etc…)

The House on Greyling by Wendy


When I was 17 and my sister was 13, we shared a room together.  She would wake me at night after she had a reoccurring nightmare.  She always described the dream the same.  In her dream she would be in an old house, one that she had never been in.  She would hear me crying and screaming for her help.  She said my screams would be coming from the upstairs bedroom.  She would try to run up the stairs to help me.  However, there was an unseen force that was pulling her back.  She felt no hands on her, just a strong force pulling on her.  She would try to turn to look at what was restraining her, but never saw anything.  She was able to fight the force to make it halfway up the stairs.  Then the force would become too great, and she felt the force pull backward.  She found herself floating on her back, out of the door and down the street.  She always would pass a street sign.  The street was called Greyling.  These nightmares went on for months.
Approximately three months after the nightmares, my mother and stepfather came to my sister and I and told us they had a surprise for us.  The surprise was that we were moving.  I remember when I saw the house I was immediately on guard.  There was something about it.  It was an older house, very large and on about 5 acres of land.  Even the old trees were scary looking.  I never saw any ghost, however I felt something was i the house.
One night my sister came into my room and woke me up.  She was very upset.  She said do you remember that nightmare that I used to have?  This is the house in my dream.  I didn’t believe her and told her to go back to sleep.  She said shut up and listen to me, this is the house.  Do you remember that street sign I always saw, it said Greyling.  She screamed at me what street is this house on?  I sat up in bed in utter fear, because the house sat on Greyling!

The 1900 Man by Louise


Hello everyone!  I have a ghost story to tell, though I’m not sure whether it’s actually a ghost or my guardian angel…My house was built in England in 1897, so it has a lot of history and many people have lived here through the ages.  When myself and my husband first moved in, I started seeing shadows from the corner of my eyes slowly moving across the living room.  Since then I have felt the presence of a tall and very protective male who I feel is dressed in clothes dating from around 1900.  This man seems to come to me when I am feeling down.  I feel almost like he’s surrounding me with warmth and protection, although at the same time I am a little frightened of actually seeing him! (as yet I haven’t).  When he comes I feel kind of numb and cold then I feel all goosey all over.  This is accompanied by the overwhelming presence of him standing directly behind me.  Twice I have had a kiss blown in my ear.  My cat sometimes looks startled and stares at something in the living room, but then smiles, so I know she isn’t afraid of whoever it is!
Also, everyone who comes into our house feels comfortable and quickly relaxes, often commenting on the nice atmosphere.  I guess I’m lucky to have a friendly ghost.

An Office Haunting by Robert


There is a rumor going that my workplace is haunted.  We got here 3 years ago, apparently in the company before us was a woman who killed her boss in the front lobby, then went into the women’s bathroom and blew her brains out.  Recently, employees have reported some weird things happening, but only when they’re here alone at night or on weekends.  One woman, in the bathroom, heard high heel footsteps in the bathroom and saw the water turn on, the cleaning people are always reporting gusts of wind blowing down hallways and objects shifting and moving.  Once, during a 4 person meeting that occurred at midnight, (due to some immediate computer problem), another conversation was heard competing with their conversation and they began to get louder to talk over it until suddenly the four of them made the connection that there wasn’t anyone else there.

The Face of a Stranger by Carlos


OK, this started like 6 or 7 years ago.  One day I was home in my bedroom listening to music and I close my eyes.  5 min later I open my eyes and I see this figure in front of me.  After that I move to my other house, after a couple of months of living there I start hearing things and seeing things: shadows, lights, dead people (people I never met before) One night I was sleeping and exactly at 3:30 am I open my eyes and I’m looking directly to the roof or ceiling or whatever is called (english is my second language) ok I decide to go to the living room and sleep there.  I close my eyes and 15 min later I hear steps (strong steps like a heavy weight person) in the roof walking exactly from where my bed is supposed to be and they stop exactly in top of the place where I am.  I move back to my bed and the same thing.  After a while a friend moved with me.  One night I wake up and I see this old man sit in his bed (this is what I mean by people I don’t know).  The next day I told him about it and describe the person.  We went to his house and he showed me a picture of a man and told me that that person was his grandfather he died like 20 yrs ago.  After that, I have been having this kind of experience the latest was at movies.  I went with my cousin and I look at person next to me I look at my cousin then look back at the person and I see his face only that his face change kinda demon look but at the same time his face was there the demon face was looking at me his expression was like telling me to go away or to just don’t look at him.  I know all this sounds crazy but is true.

Scared by Moonmagik


A little history on the house first: The house, belonged to my great-aunt who, my mother and I lived with since mom was 11 and until I was 16.  Her late husband Sid, died in 1968 from cancer while living there.  Dealing with the unexplained, was always a part of living in this house (so many occurrences happened there, it would take a whole Halloween’s night to tell them all!)  A lot of it is so bizarre, having experienced it, would convert the BIGGEST skeptic into a believer (it did me)!!  Since I can remember, I have always been “intuned” to the paranormal (even though at one time, I didn’t really believe) and even considered to be a magnet for it.  A sixth sense I guess??  Living in this house didn’t help things much either.  My Great Aunt’s sister Beth, died in the house in the very same bed where I slept every night.  I really can’t remember a whole lot about things that went on in the house when I was younger except, one particular occurrence (I will submit this one in FULL detail later as a separate post entitled – Devil’s Closet) that involved seeing Satan arise from inside my closet one night.  This is one of the SCARIEST experiences I have EVER had in my life and believe me, there have been quite a few.  This one in particular, happened when I was 7 and I would not wish the same thing upon anyone else – especially a child! I would often feel my bed shake rhythmically, mostly while taking a nap during the day and it went on for the duration of my living there.  I went to my great aunt about it and she tried consoling me by saying, “It’s only your great aunt Beth, rocking you to sleep baby…my bed shakes too only, I think it’s my husband Sid”.  Of course, I thought she was nutty and senile My mom, has told me she could remember on many occasions, lying in bed in the middle of the night and being awakened by the sound of the bedroom door (that was off to the right side of the room and led to the living room) opening and then shutting itself followed by footsteps that sounded like they were made by a man, wearing hard soled shoes.  She never actually SAW the door open (she was too chicken to look) or, who opened it.  She just figured it HAD to be “something else” because, everyone who lived in the house, (which included my mom, great aunt, and myself – no men) was in bed and I was just a little baby at this time.  I only encountered this once while living there.
After I turned 16, I moved out and went to live in Arkansas.  My great aunt had been placed in a nursing home by then after becoming ill with pneumonia.  It was ’94 and I was at a job corps trying to obtain my diploma (I was kicked out of school because back then, I was a little on the wild side).  I met a lot of friends there and one in particular, came to spend the night with me during Christmas break.  (Please bear with me, all of this has a point to which I will soon get to) Ronny, lived in the Louisiana like me only, he was from New Orleans about 440 miles from where I lived.  We were due back at the job corps the next day and he didn’t have anywhere to stay that night except the bus station.  The bus from New Orleans going to Arkansas was scheduled to stop over night at the station where I lived and leave at 12:45 pm the next day.  So being the kind spirit that I am, I decided to call a cab to pick him up and let him stay over night at my house.  He slept on the sofa/let-out bed (this as well has a story of it’s own which I might post later) in the living room that night.  Early the next morning around 6:30 am, both my mom and myself heard the bathroom toilet flush followed by the faucet turning on and water running in the sink.  Yet, we hadn’t heard anybody go in the bathroom or exit it.  Still, we didn’t really think much of it at the time because we knew we had company over and just figured it was him.  I didn’t get out of bed until around 10:50 that morning.  As soon as I went into the living room to check on Ronny, I immediately realized, the door to the den was locked.  We locked it that night as we always did before bed without realizing, we had company over that might need to access the bathroom.  Now, there are only two ways Ronny could have possibly gotten to the bathroom which was right next to the bedroom where my mom and I slept that night.  Either, through the den which was connected to the living room by a “latch” door that locked from the other side, or the door that connected the living room with the bedroom from it’s right side where my mom and I were sleeping.  He couldn’t have used the door to our bedroom.  We would have heard it open and him passing through and he definitely didn’t use the one leading to the den locked from the other side.  Ronny was still sound asleep which was odd being, we were already pushed for time to get our things together and make it to the bus station before 12:45.  I walked over to the sofa bed and called his name to wake him up.  He didn’t respond at first and not until after calling his name about a dozen more times and several hard nudges, did he finally get back to this world.  I asked him why he was so tired and if he had had a good night’s rest.  He replied groggily that, the sofa bed had been very comfortable but he couldn’t doze off until after 2am. I asked him why and in a more awakened state he replied…”Because you kept coming to my bed last night and staring at me”.  As soon as I heard that the hairs on the back of neck stood straight up.  I guess he could see the bewildered look on my face and he asked me what was wrong.  I told him that, I hadn’t been out of my bed all night!! That’s when HE started looking crazy lol.  He started stuttering and mumbling with his Jamaican accent that was more heavy now than usual…”Bu..bu..but, little red (that’s what he called me) say girl, it just had to be you”! ROFL! He continued…” on a long white night gown and you were standing over the bed…you came from out that door over there”.  He was pointing at the den door! I didn’t really know what to think at this point.  I had known Ronny a few months and knew him to be a total “pothead” but deep inside, I just couldn’t believe he was making all this up or had been hallucinating because of all the weird stuff that had went on in the house before. Yet, I was still skeptical about ghosts and stuff then so I quickly brushed him off with a “be quiet you were only dreaming”.  He looked at me with total bewilderment on his face.  I could tell he was really scared and wouldn’t stop telling me about this woman.  He said she was about my complexion with long black hair and she had on a white nightgown.  I really became concerned and inquired further about this woman.  I asked him if he was sure he wasn’t just dreaming which he quickly replied “No”.  He then told me he had been awake because he couldn’t sleep for all the noise “the man in the suit” and loud shoes had made.  He said that, he was scared of him but hadn’t thought he was a ghost.  He thought the man was my dad and had come over to visit in the middle of the night.  That wasn’t true because my dad was married to another woman and NEVER came by our house in the middle of the night.  I then asked him some more details on the woman. Was she thin or hefty to which he replied- more on the hefty side.  Then he said, I kinda figured it wasn’t you cause you’re so little and the woman also, she “glowed”.  Thats was it!! I HAD to know who this woman was.  I badgered him more about her, if she hurt him or said anything, to which he replied “No, she just smiled at me and the noisy man went away”.  I didn’t think too much on the “noisy man”. I figured if it was all true, then he was Sid my great aunt’s late husband.  Something told me to ask him if he had used the bathroom that morning to which he also replied “No”.  I could feel my heart pound hard in my chest.  My mind started racing over who the hell this woman could be.  Almost as if it were lightning it hit me-Beth!! My great aunt Beth, looked exactly like the woman Ronny had been describing.  I started feeling a little sentimental at the thought of great aunt Beth watching over us all those years.  I was becoming less of a skeptic by the minute.  I asked Ronny one last question about it all, “where did the noisy man go”? He replied, “He opened the door to your bedroom and went in”.  Incredible, my mom nor me heard a sound he made!  Maybe he had gotten better at walking through our room without making a noise?  Note: before we left, my mom asked me how the hell Ronny, had made it to the bathroom that night without us hearing him.  She said..”Remember, the door to the den was locked”?  I smiled mischievously at her and said..”It wasn’t Ronny.  It was our noisy ghost”.
I started living at home again off and on after I completed job corps.  During this time, the weird occurrences were still happening and in fact, were getting worse.  I would be lying in bed at night and awaken to the sound of the TV going and a lot of people chattering on in the living room but I could never make out what they were saying.  It would start up usually around 1 am and I would get out of bed to go see what was going on.  Every time I went in there to investigate, the room would always be pitch black, empty and the TV would be off.  I asked my mom if she ever heard the noise.  She said yes and that it really bothered her because some nights she couldn’t sleep for it!  This is also, around the time the nightmares started about my dead relatives/friends coming to warn me about the house being haunted by evil spirits out to cause us harm.  The toilet flushing in the early morning became more frequent as well and also, the running water and toilet seat being left up happened more than usual.  My mom and I just decided to ignore it since, it really hadn’t “bothered” or harmed us yet.  Things went on this way up until the pic was taken and continued after.  It didn’t get it’s worst though until after the night of October 31, 1996.  That’s when the history of the pic and the religious painting that’s in it comes in.

Voices by S. Garcia


It was midnight and I was going to the kitchen when I saw a shadow.  I thought it was my sister-in-law but when I kept calling her she didn’t answer.  I got scared so I screamed.  My brother was coming up the stairs, but something was holding him back.  The next day all my things from my drawer were on the floor.  I kept living at the same house, sometimes I heard people calling me.  I didn’t answer because my mom told me that when somebody is calling you like that, to not answer because it means death.

Buried Alive by Jessica


This is my spooky story.  Me, my brother and my Mum and Dad were staying at my Great Aunties and Uncle’s house.  They had a kid at the age of 4.  It was quite big.  This house has a really spooky history to it.  About 90 years ago, a man and his wife buried a baby alive under the floor boards of the house.  The 1st night we stayed at the house, we all had our own rooms.  Mum and Dad were in one room, me and my Bro were in the room next door.  My Aunties and Uncle’s room was at the other end of the house and Franchessca (the kid) was nowhere near any of our rooms.  At night everyone fell asleep apart from me and my brother cause it was such a big and old house.  We were sort of scared that night.  Me and my Bro started hearing these weird noises.  I can’t quite explain what the sound was like, but it was sort of like a Shhhhh sound and those musical mobile things to make babies go to sleep.  We were like really scared, cause everyone was asleep apart from us.  We had never had this sort of experience before cause we lived in a fairly new house, so I think that is why we were scared.  We were staying at this house for one week and we didn’t really want to fid out what would happen the rest of the nights.  N E way me and James (my brother) eventually fell asleep and woke up around 11am.  Nothing really happened during the daytime and we were dreading the 2nd night. N E way, the 2nd night came, but it was worse this time.  We went to bed early, but with all of the lights on in our room.  James woke me up and complained he saw a white figure drifting across the room.  He eventually fell asleep.  That night we figured that the room we were sleeping in, was the room the people had buried the baby in.  The 3rd night, Mum, Dad, Auntie, Courtney and Uncle Jo.  My Mum and Dad were all going out for a night on the town and were leaving me, Franchessca and my brother all alone in the house.  At first we decided to amuse ourselves, cause it wasn’t that late and we decided to put a camera in our room.  While we were downstairs watching the TV, we suddenly heard a big bang on our room floor.  We heard a loud baby’s cry and screaming banging chains being dragged along the floor.  Doors slamming, the camera suddenly fell down the stairs.  When our room wasn’t nowhere near the stairs, we then seen loads of things coming down the stairs.  It was so scary.  We were like wetting ourselves.  My Bro was crying his eyes out.  I stood there and watched, then I threw up.  Then suddenly everything just came to a stop.  Everything went silent.  We then heard a baby crying and a musical mobile came from our room.  When my family came home, we told them the story.  My Auntie and Uncle both had a priest in.  The priest said these strange words.  We went upstairs to get our stuff and Mom made a loud scream.  She saw this keyboard playing with no electricity or it not switched on or N E thing.  I ran into the room my Auntie and Uncle were so scared too.  Nothing like that eva happened to them before, so they packed their things and came to live with us.  Just to make sure we didn’t bring home a spirit, we had a Bloke come into our house and do something with crystals.  Nothing like that has never happened to me like that before and I hope it won’t again.  My Auntie and Uncle found a new house to live in and the old house they used to live in no one eva lived there again.  I think it was a place for the ghosts that were there to live in the house in peace.  The house is now all boarded up and I hope the ghosts are all happy living there, as we weren’t when me and my Bro were babysitting.  I have never had that sort of experience eva since and I have never babysat eva since either.

Voices by S. Garcia


It was midnight and I was going to the kitchen when I saw a shadow.  I thought it was my sister-in-law but when I kept calling her she didn’t answer.  I got scared so I screamed.  My brother was coming up the stairs, but something was holding him back.  The next day all my things from my drawer were on the floor.  I kept living at the same house, sometimes I heard people calling me.  I didn’t answer because my mom told me that when somebody is calling you like that, to not answer because it means death.

The Religion Retreat by Macschick


Hey this is my ghostly experience…..
When I was in sixth grade we had to go to this Religion Retreat to this priest and nun convent.  We had to stay and sleep there for about six days.  Now it is said that many nuns and priest died in the room that we had to sleep in.  Me and two of my friends slept in the very first room in the first floor (very unfortunate).  We had to have the lights of by 10 because they turn off the main light off, no matter what, if we turn on the switch there will still be no light completely.  We were getting ready for bed at a quarter to ten, we weren’t really going to bed.  When they turned off the lights that when the things began.  We were talking and gossiping to each other when all the sudden we heard children playing and having fun outside.  We could hear hard laughter, at first we thought it was just our fellow classmates but when we peered outside the window nobody was there and besides they would be told to go back to sleep because they were too noisy.  Later we ignored it.  After a while we all got tired so we laid in bed and talked there, then all of the sudden this bright light, from out of nowhere came swishing in our room.  It was horrible so we all ran out screaming, and so did all of our other classmates in the other room because the white light came passing in their rooms too.  I tell ya it was such a horrible feeling, as if it felt like you found out that you were going to die any minute.  When we all decided to go back to our rooms, our friends in the last room of the first floor came running out again because there was this big dog in this room from out of nowhere, it could have been a stray dog but it wasn’t because they kept their room closed when they went out.  We tried our hardest to go back to sleep but it was all too scary so we stayed up the whole night until it was like 4am and then we finally dozed off.  The next night it was even more scarier because it happened in our room.  We all slept deciding not to stay up again.  In the middle of the night my friends bed started shaking like hell.  It was thudding up and down and literally throwing her off, so she ran and slept with me, my other friend slept with us too so we were all crammed in one bed.  After that we just prayed that nothing bad would happen to us again and nothing did for the whole night at least.  The next day all of us had to go to church, it was a great thing because all of us had a chance to ask for guidance against the evil spirits who are trying to scare us to death.  I guessed our prayers worked because that last night nothing bad or “paranormal” happened to us.  That was the most horrible experience I felt.

Old Lyme by Allison


It was about 4 or 5 years ago I think I was 10 any ways my family rented a house for a week in Old Lyme (which is known to be infested with ghosts) and one night my family all went out except for me and I was reading a book in my room (which was down stairs) and I heard footsteps coming from upstairs and I was the only person in the house.  The next morning I was making breakfast and as I was leaving the kitchen, I didn’t notice it but one of the knives hanging on the wall was standing straight up and I almost stepped on it but something made me look down and I saw that I had almost stepped on the knife.

Frightening Vision by Brittany


This is my story, you will believe it, but most likely you won’t cause I truly don’t believe it happened myself, although it did happen to me.  I’m only 13, but when I was around 10 or 11, I started to be able to sense things.  Like people in the same room with me, not only living people, but “ghosts”.  I never saw the ghosts, but I could feel them and talk to them.  Sometimes I would talk to my grandpa and my aunt, and all that was great.  But sometimes I would talk to spirits/ghosts I didn’t know.  It never scared me.  I always thought it made me kinda unique, and it was a peaceful thing to do.  Up until a few months ago, I was talking to my friends about ghosts when I discovered one of my friends was exactly like me, and I thought it was cool.  The next night, we all spent the night at a friend’s house and she quietly asked me if I felt anything in the room, and I told her no.  Me and another friend got in a huge fight that night and I ended up crying a bunch.  The next day when I got home I decided to take a nice long hot bath to make myself feel a little bit better.  As I was laying in the tub, I closed my eyes and the first thing I saw was us 5 girls sitting in the living room and the next thing I know I see this, thing.  It was a skeleton type figure in a black hooded cape and it told me I was the first.  I didn’t think much of it at the time, but I did tell a friend.  She spread the word to Bree, the friend with the same “sense” as me.  Bree started seeing visions with a similar ghost.  The nights started getting worse and worse because the visions became worse and worse.  I consulted my mother and she told me that she had been through a similar experience with a friend but wouldn’t tell me about it.  One night me and Bree were talking on the phone and we were trying to put the visions together to make sense, but they didn’t.  Bree closed her eyes and tried to describe things to me, for some reason, I closed my eyes and I saw what Bree was seeing and Bree saw what I was seeing.  Bree could describe my room and she’s never been in it or seen pictures of it.  It was eerie, the connection me and Bree were getting.  And scary at the same time.  Me and Bree would get chills constantly during classes at school, and we thought that maybe they were signs so we would close our eyes and see more visions.  They started getting twisted and me and Bree put together visions we had had when we were younger, and they were like the missing scenes of a movie, all inside this girl’s head.  One day, I remember in particular, I was sitting in class and all the sudden I turned to a friend and said Bree sees it, right now, Bree sees it.  She didn’t really believe me at the time, but later, at lunch she asked Bree if she had seen it and Bree said she had.  I would wake up at night and sense it in the corner of my room, glaring at me.  Almost every night, I had to leave my TV or something on to keep me from being scared to leave my room at night.  It’s pathetic, but i felt like a little timid child, being locked in a dark, cold, chamber by myself, every time night came.  I was so scared of the night, I wouldn’t even open my blinds at night to peek outside because of the fear that it would be glaring back at me (some visions involved Bree and my windows).
One night Bree took me to her Bible study and we talked to someone there about it.  He told us that we probably were bringing upon ourselves, and it was probably not real, blah, blah, blah.  A bunch of bull that Bree bought.  I think it’s because she was scared and wanted it to be over.  I wanted it to be over.  I wanted every minute of it to have never had happened.  But it had. And I knew it.  I knew that something was trying to contact us.  Sometimes I still sense it.  But I try to stop myself from sensing these things because I don’t want to put out an “energy” that brings any evil spirits back.  Right now I sense it behind me, and it scares the crap outta me, but I’m not gonna turn around and try to see it or talk to it.  I don’t know what was trying to contact me and Bree or why it was doing it.  But I do know that it brought me and Bree closer and now we have a stronger friendship.

The Graveyard Shift by Edward


For the last 7 years I have been working in private security, mostly at night on the graveyard shift.  Now I’ve seen some strange things and heard those bumps in the night, but this takes the cake.
April 1999, I’m working at a locomotive repair yard in Idaho.  Normally I would go on patrol of the grounds just after midnight, checking offices, shops, storage areas, and other things.  Around 1:00 am I get to a building called the comp/loco shop, the bldg is shaped like a backward L.  Anyway I enter the comp shop which is the lower part of the L upon reaching the top of the ramp and walking another 30 feet into the loco shop I hear what sounds like a door slam, it was very loud considering the door that slammed was about 150 feet away in the other part of the building.  Well what can I say?  I immediately hid behind a corner of a locomotive and watched the ramp, while checking my belt to make sure I had my gun we had problems with break ins in the past and I thought I might have to defend myself.  Well anyway I’m standing there wondering what’s up with this when I hear what sounds like someone dragging a stick along the steel siding of the building coming from behind me about 50 feet away. Now I’m thinking that I might be in some real danger!  Possibly with 2 or more people breaking in to the bldg. needless to say I was scared out of my wits and hoping I would not have to shoot my way out.  Suddenly the noises stopped.  Then at the far end of the bldg, or the top of the L, a cloud fades in to sight about 500 feet away, it was around the size of a drive in movie screen, about 50 feet long and 25 feet high, tattered along the edges and a silvery yellow color nd wispy in appearance.  I figure it was about 15 or 20 feet off the ground because it was floating above a locomotive.  It had a waving motion like a flag in a stiff wind, it then faded away.  Well, at the end of my shift my supervisor arrived and I told him about it.  He stood up walked over to a map of the bldg. and said was it here?  Pointing at the same spot where I saw it and said, yeah I’ve seen it, but I was standing under it at the time!  Other people have seen things in that bldg. but they’re too numerous to list.

Scaredy Cat by Cassy


Hello my name is Cassy.  I am going to tell you my ghost story…It may not have been a ghost, but everyone I tell it to, tells me it is.  It all started in the summer of 2000, we just finished moving in to our new house which is 110 years old and is sorta falling apart.  The first night we spent there felt really weird… I personally am terrified by ghosts and the paranormal so the thought of sleeping there scared me.  It came to my bedtime and  I went upstairs in my room, which was the original kitchen, and I smelled something very odd like bread in the oven.  I ignored for awhile as I went in to the bathroom to brush my teeth, as I was brushing my teeth the lights started to flicker.  After that I got really scared, walked into my room, only to find my cat was staring at something behind me!  That’s when I freaked out.  I screamed, turned around and fell backwards on my back.  There was nothing there and my cat came up to me and started to cuddle with me.  I felt so stupid.  About a month later the lights everywhere in the house would flicker!  I would say, “Stop flickering you god damn light”!!! and they would stop, then I would walk away and they would start again!  They kept flickering for about a week or so then they stopped.  Lots of strange things have happened since then.  Like feeling someone watching me…but the strangest of all was about 3 weeks ago (this is 2001).  It was in the middle of the night and I couldn’t sleep… our new cat that we had just got was sleeping in my room with me and my door was closed.  I needed to watch some TV or something to make me sleepy and I thought I should bring my new cat with me so we could play and stuff.  So I picked him up and when I walked close to my door he hissed and tried to jump out of my arms!  So I put him down and he ran towards my door and looked under my door and tried to paw at something that was there.  I was scared…but I ignored it and picked him up again and opened my door.  My cat walked out VERY slowly and his fur was sticking up REALLY high.  He walked out to the end of the hall and looked down the stairs and his eyes opened REALLY wide and he stood dead in his tracks, looking at something down the stairs…That’s when I freaked…I wanted to see for myself what he was looking at, so, I slowly walked over where he was and bent over to see down the stairs.  I felt so much better from what I saw…I saw my older cat Shadow.  But I couldn’t understand why my new cat was afraid of her!!!  My older cat Shadow was the one that was always terrified by the new cat cause he would attack her.  But he was freaked.  Shadow took one step forward on a step and the new cat FREAKED I mean his fur puffed out so much it made him look like a blow fish!!!!  Then he hissed and growled and literally ran up the wall behind him!!!! I grabbed him and ran in my room.  After that he wouldn’t go near my door.  I waited an hour,  then he acted as if nothing happened!!!!  After that I have felt a presence near me when I am down…and I feel like someone is reading my thoughts…like I have no privacy!!!  And sometimes I feel unsafe…like when I am sleeping.  I feel cold and watched.  It’s really freaky.

Messages by Roger Lowe


Please help me understand.  I remember when I was about 3 years old I had an imaginary friend called “Ralph”.  This was in 1975.  I used to sit on the bottom step in the hallway on my own chatting away for what seemed like hours.  My parents become quite concerned and took me to the doctors where he told my Mum not to worry as this was quite normal in children to have imaginary friends.
25 years on and I have my own daughter now.  She is nearly 2 years.  My father died 2 weeks before she was born.  He was an ill man.  Since he passed away strange things have happened, all good and sometimes quite astonishing.  Like for instance on my sister’s birthday 26 Dec 1999 (% months after his death) a cupboard fell off the wall in our kitchen in our mother’s home to reveal writing on the wall from my father all about my sister (the writing my father done when he put the cupboard up 15 years before).  It basically said, “Dear sweet daughter, welcome home, I love you, Dad”.  That is just one instance.
Anyway, my daughter recently in our new home has been running in to my arms scared of what she has just seen and she covers her eyes with her hands.  One time she was shaking.  Real scared.  This has happened a few times now and I have a feeling it could be my father.  She also freaked out the same way once before when my friend came over and I let him in the back gate.  He walked up our garden and Jessica seen him and ran behind our sofa.  The same as she did before when there was nothing there.e has just seen and she covers her eyes with her hands.  One time she was shaking.  Real scared.  This has happened a few times now and I have a feeling it could be my father.  She also freaked out the same way once before when my friend came over and I let him in the back gate.  He walked up our garden and Jessica seen him and ran behind our sofa.  The same as she did before when there was nothing there.

Who was in my Room? by Sara


My name is Sara, well anyway I was laying in my bed one night when I heard something walking around in my room.  I thought it was my sister, Michelle, so I asked her what she was doing and I told her to go back into her room.  Then Michelle, who spoke in a sleepy way, from her room, asking me what she did.  Well then I got really scared so I turned my back away from the open dark space in my room and looked towards the window.  I closed my eyes and then I heard something whisper in my ear…Sara…Sara…I got so scared I started to cry…It was horrible.  I placed another one of my pillows over my head to block out the noise…soon after I fell asleep.