Is that a lizard, a bird or just an ugly monster? You guessed it! It's a chupie. Every cow's nightmare, every farmer's new hunt. Just when you thought it was safe, there's a strange breed terrorizing the livestock. Primarily found in Puerto Rico, these "goat suckers" have been sensationalized by the media. What could it be? Some believe that with the extensive UFO sightings on the island, it may be some strange pet the aliens wanted to get rid of. Or better yet, a government experiment gone bad. The creatures attack cats, dogs, basic farm animals, etc... Their attacking methods are unlike anything an average creature could accomplish. Scientists are baffled by the pre-meditative nature of the killings. The victims are bitten in such a way that the cerebellum is punctured causing instant death. The puncture wounds are perfectly circular and usually 1/4" to 1/2" in diameter found in a triangular pattern. The attacks usually involve the neck, but some cases have been found involving the stomach, chest and reproductive areas.&In these instances the organs have been carefully removed from the body through slits cut into the victim. Oddly enough, many of the bodies lacked rigor mortis and the blood didn't clot, even days after their death.

Many describe the creature as humanoid (bipedal). It has been reported as appearing grey during the day and changing its color like a chameleon. It changes to many earth tones where and when appropriate. The eyes are described as red and it has a slit for a mouth with protruding fangs. The reptilian/goat-like legs offer it the ability to run and jump remarkable distances. A stench seems to emanate from the creature.