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Weird by Lisa Renae


Hi Everybody, I just want to say that weird things are happening to me lately.  See if I can get some input.  I’m a 31 yr old m/w/f.  I have 1 child.  A 6 yr old boy.  Lately I have been having these “dreams”.  They only occur at night.  I’ll be like sitting in front of this doctor.  He always has a foreign accent.  Like Russian or something.  First, I’ll get this doped up feeling.  Like I’ve been given a shot of morphine. But, the doctor doesn’t give me a shot.  He only waves his hand around me.  Then a plastic tube is put up my nose and into my stomach.  All the while I’m in a sitting position.  And he is doing like some ultrasound or something.  Sometimes in this dream, I’ve had a perfectly round hole cored out of the lower left side of my abdomen.  And I’m holding a cloth over it, walking down a hallway.  I’ve also been waking up very tired with a strange sore up inside my nostril.  It’s been irritating me for weeks.  And I have a pinching pain in my side once in a while.  Coincidence?  I don’t know.  I’d like someone to give me their opinion on this.  Am I crazy?  Watching too many movies on Sci-Fi?  I don’t know.  And I’ve been waking up exhausted.  I’m sorry if this is like a big run on sentence.  I’m just trying to recall all this dream stuff and write it before I forget it!!!  Also, every time I look at the clock, it’s 11:11.  Honestly, day or night.  EVERY TIME! I never look at a clock unless it’s 11:11!

The 10 ft. Man by CB


This event occurred November 1986.  While traveling from Phoenix to California, via rt 8 coming out Casa Grande, AZ.  I have my 2 companions with me Bill and Denise.  Denise asleep in the back Bill and I chatting and we were detoured because of some flooding in the area.  We happen along this strange road in the middle of the night/morning at 3:30 am.  I’m talking to Bill and I see this 9-10 ft lights stacked on top of each other in the distance.  I comment to Bill do you see that??  Where on the road up there about a mile oh, my god, he freaks out and starts to put his hand on my chest as if we were gonna brake quickly, look, do you see it he wants me to slow down the auto even more, he’s now freaking out even more, again I say do you see it, yes he seethed and I thought he was going to jump out of the car.  So, I stop the car in the middle of no-where and we wake up Denise.  Bill has since left the car and stands on the side of the road, Denise and I walk to the front of the car Bill is still freaking and we all see this 9-10 ft tall alien/lightman in the middle of the road about 30 feet from us just standing there, moving slightly back and forth.  We are all amazed in what we see.  It starts moving towards us, everyone panics and of course we can’t get the car started, no-lights, no-power as we are all mashing in the 2-door hatchback, suddenly in our panic, I look up and yell at the others Look!! it had this blast of bright lights and then vanished, the car started and we proceeded in the direction of the lightman/alien source.  The night was cold and black, we did not see anything strange that night we just drove to our destination knowing we had encountered something we couldn’t even explain, but yet the time elapsed hour or more, the rest of that morning, that we drove I’m sure all of our jaws stayed dropped.