Out of Body Experiences (OBE) is a phenomenon also known as astral projection/travel. 10-20% of Western adults claim to have had one.  When witnessed by those other than the projector, some may see a ghostly vision of the person down to the exact garments they are wearing at the time.  Other witnesses may see no vision or “double” at all.  Most people who have experienced an OBE claim that their astral body is connected to their physical body by a long silvery “astral” cord.  Some say they can penetrate physical matter like ghosts.  The experiences are usually spontaneous, during trauma or stress.  Supposedly there is an area of the brain that, when physically stimulated, evokes such an experience.



Near Death Experience (NDE) is a phenomenon that occurs when a person is reported clinically dead and then later revived, or near death.  According to a Gallup poll in 1982 nearly 8 million adults in the US alone, have reported to have had an NDE.  Most experience a tunnel of light, an OBE overlooking their body, meeting dead loved ones and even angelic beings before returning back to their lives.  After one of these experiences some find themselves psychic with strange new abilities.