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Angel Communication through Journaling

One way to get in touch with the angels is to do a partial automatic writing exercise. Find a quiet place to sit with a journal and pen in front of you. Picture your guardian angel touching your shoulder and ask for a message. For two minutes, write whatever pops into your head. Don’t stop writing or begin analyzing what you are writing. After you’re finished, you will be astonished at the message before you. It will probably contain words not used in your everyday vocabulary. I was floored by mine, because it was stated in such a way that I felt it was foreign to me. It clearly wasn’t produced from my consciousness. I would never refer to myself that way. This is also what poets and musicians/artists would refer to as their muse. I was able to write very mature lyrics when I was a very immature age. OUTSTANDING exercise to become familiar with, especially if you are a creative or are looking to find your creativity. Below was my message from my angel when I was 19 or 20.

You are loved, go on and prosper alive you are and alone you will not be. We love you, you are a gift and light glows strong among you. Have fun and don’t give up. You will do well in all you must achieve. Have fun, go on young one and live a life worth living. Enjoy nature and all it has to offer you. Go on and be happy. You are wonderful being and we are here for you – Susan (Name of Angel/Spirit Communicator to me)

Now I do think the magnitude of success in this process depends on your development as a channel or medium. I was born receptive, but by opening your mind, practicing creative arts and spending time in nature, it will come easier each time. – Robin

“I did that angel writing thing it is cool. I needed to have some encouragement…That message was great. Thanks for that page” – Sarah

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