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Ouija vs Psychic Circle

I like the Psychic Circle.

As I experimented with different boards, I have learned over the years that I have more pleasant experiences using boards other than the Ouija Board. As you can read from the Colonel and Friends story on Talking Board Stories page, my uncle’s house became haunted and activity started at my house from using that board. Here’s the gist of what happens. The Ouija Board has been used for many negative summons over the years, plus it’s style is so old. People’s energy and intent over many years placed into a particular object or symbol encodes that item with that intent. Negative intent/encoded objects draws negative in these situations. My experience with boards that look anything other than a Ouija have NOT haunted my space nor other homes I have used it in. I have pictured the Psychic Circle which I like very much (See Talking Board Stories). I use this alone and get great results. The nice thing about using alone is that you know no one else is moving it. Shockingly it will move faster than you can process and that shows that you are not inventing what is being spelled out. At times I would even expect one word and it would go to a different letter. That confirmed that my conscious was not moving it. I discovered I have two spirit guides, a man and a woman, Sal and Tess. Different ones would communicate at different times. They took turns. So here is where I’m a believer. All my life I was that kid afraid of noise from fireworks, blanks shot from guns and basically any loud noise etc. My mother told me that I jumped in her stomach when she was expectant with me and at a Civil War reenactment. So I had a dream one night that I was a little boy living in poverty, living in a small structure/house. There was a group of angry men that came into the house demanding for my father. He wasn’t home. They grabbed me and forced me on to my knees. Behind my head was a gun and they shot me in the head. I remember feeling the worst pinpoint burn ever that could be possibly felt before death. That was a random dream. Many years later I was using the board and talking to my spirit guides. I asked about last past life. They told me I died when I was 5, I was a little girl named Benyke Palou from Uruguay. I was shot by big rusty gun and someone was looking for my dad. OK flashback to dream, Uruguay surname (how would I possibly know that) This was on the Psychic Circle ALONE. I was told once to tell someone I hadn’t spoken to and didn’t plan on speaking to in years to “Please tell him to not open bar”. Well the person started talking to me out of the blue and I said on phone, I was using board and it told me to tell you not to open bar. He got quiet….he said he was thinking about starting a bar. So yeah I’m a believer. I like the psychic circle and do well with it.

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