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How I Coexisted Near Darkness

When I was a little girl, I went to my grandparents house often (Dad’s side).  This is my other grandparents, not the house with all the spirit activity as in my ghost stories (Mom’s side).  The house is in a mid-century suburb.  When I would visit, I remembered this cute little dog next door. One time we were invited into that house next door and I played with the dog, there was a man and his mom.  I felt weird in that house as a kid. Well, I guess the mom from that house passed and after some time the son killed himself in the garage next door with his dog. I just remember how mad and upset I was that he killed the dog. You have to remember that I was only 10 or so.

When I was around 18, I had the strangest dream that I was standing in the driveway at my grandparents house near the chain link fence bordering that yard, but up towards the gate, not near the neighbors garage.  It was there that a skinny, charred looking body with bright white eyes (reminded me of the Marilyn Manson character riding the pig in Sweet Dreams video) was attempting to pull me over the fence in to that yard and was repeating “stay with us, stay with us”. It was a bit freaky.

Flash forward 9 years and I would find myself living in my grandparents house alone.  When I first moved in I found out that the family living there after the man that killed himself in the garage was not without their own tragedies. Out of respect for the family I will only mention that it involved a couple deaths of two that lived there and a heart attack for another.  Of course the lady living there felt something was off and welcomed a house blessing when I offered (Sea Salt, water and Lord’s Prayer-NO PROVOCATION).  I needed to do it to feel better as well. That’s also when I learned of another incident in that yard.

Before the man that killed himself in the garage with his dog had rented that house, a single man that traveled the world had lived there. My grandmother woke up one night to a loud boom and went outside to see what happened. She found him propped up against the laundry pole with a shotgun. He was dead, same yard. NOW, this is where I get a bit spooked.  The laundry pole is situated where the dark figure was trying to pull me over the fence in my dream. I didn’t know about this incident until I moved in there, 9 years after the dream. After a bit her brother moved in and he started sitting in that spot, by the laundry pole, every night and it was creeping me out. It was like the dude in Amityville Horror sitting in front of the fireplace. I sensed something would happen if he kept it up.  I have since moved out but have heard that he is now deceased.

How did I cope? Well in living there for many years, nothing ever ever crossed that fence line.  Here is what I sensed.  The yard had many dark, I will just call them the darks.  They are not spirits, not demons, but what is negative energy created when there was creation of positive.  There is polarity. Light to dark, positive to negative.  They are strong but not as strong as positive.  So when you have a strong positive energy about you, in which I did very much so at the time, they are in a sense in awe of you and respect you.  For you have something they will never have. They want to be left alone and need to coexist due to polarity. Now, if you are weak, have addictions, depression, illness to where the physical body is taking all your energy inward to heal, they can prey.  That is how I coexisted. I remained strong positive spirit and respected that they exist and that I would get respect in return for not trying to banish or provoke them. I sense they look like impish, 3-4 ft tall, misty black/charcoal gray figures with no distinct features, hence why I sense they are not exactly beings but negative energy. They will feed off the weak and make the weak weaker to the point of irrational harmful behavior.  So to reiterate, this is only what I sense, how I coped and by no means hard fact. So the best way to live on Earth I believe is to acknowledge that there is a negative side, they want to be left alone and coexist with the positive.  They will try to feed off the weak and are impressed by the strong since they can never have the strong white light. My take, my experience, I live in peace.

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