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Reaching Out to You Beyond the Grave

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

How to recognize contact.

Telephone Calls from the Dead

People with a close bond to the deceased will occasionally receive communication via the telephone. This was particularly true when phones were corded. When this occurs the voice of the deceased usually sounds the same as when the person was alive. The calls are often a bad connection with static and line noise. The phone tends to ring normally, although some report flat sound to the ring. After awhile the voice of the deceased may grow faint and disappear. Other times the deceased simply terminates the phone call and the line may go dead. Some have reported hearing other faint voices in the background, such as those around the deceased at the time. Most of these phone calls occur within 24 hrs of death. The phone calls tend to be shorter when the recipient is aware that the person they are speaking to are dead. Phone calls can be quite lengthy when the recipient is speaking to the deceased in which they think is still alive. This is mainly because the fear factor is not there. This phenomenon can occur due to the phone being an electromagnetic device.


Dreams are a potent form of spirit communication and probably the most common. Many do not realize that the dead are actually contacting them this way. Several people I’ve personally known, have seen their loved ones waving to them in dreams. My mom recalls seeing her grandmother standing at the back of a hospital waving while surrounded by angels. She woke up and knew her grandmother was dead. Her parents confirmed when they got back from the hospital. The state you are in as you are drifting off to sleep (between conscious and unconscious) is an effective time for communication. Please be aware of any whispers or sounds you may hear as you’re falling asleep. Often more times than not, these are spirits communicating with you.


People who are close to their departed often experience apparitions at one time or another. The deceased will return in a visible form to give a message of well being, a warning of forthcoming danger or simply out of deep love for the one they left behind. They usually mean no harm. If it is the vision of a stranger, listen closely to what they are trying to tell you. They may want to warn you of danger. They may also not know they are dead. Some don’t know how to move on, in which case you need to tell them to go towards the light. Tell them that it’s ok to move on. If this doesn’t work, you can help them by burning an anointed candle or incense crafted for this purpose.

Familiar Scents

Many loved ones may be associated with a certain scent. To my one friend’s grandfather it was the smell of his cigar. To my Mom’s grandmother it was the scent of fresh cut flowers. At times, both my mom and my friend picked up the scent with immense strength. Most times the scent is coupled with a chill or cold spot in the immediate surrounding. Often the presence of a familiar scent out of nowhere signified that the deceased was there. Beings of the highest good are often rumored as being scented of roses, while evil entities are often rumored to smell of rotten meat, sulfur or sewage.

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