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Spirit Board Guidelines

Recommendations for using the spirit board

  • You must be sober. Do not use the board under any influence.

  • This is not a party gag. Use only under serious surroundings. This is a powerful tool for spirit communication.

  • Don’t display any fear. This is one of your strongest energies and ghosts will feed off of it.

  • Don’t use the board anywhere with known extreme haunting. Please don’t use it where someone has been murdered or completed suicide.

  • Don’t just call out to anyone or you may get someone full of negativity with bad manners. This person might also bring his nasty friends and decide to stay in your home.

  • Summon someone of ultimate good, someone you know.

  • Spirits will lie so they can talk on the board. If you have doubts of whom you are talking to, blank out your mind and ask a personal question that only they would know.

  • Never ask a ghost to stay in the house or enter your body (yes, I had a friend ask that one).It’s a good idea to bless the board. Say some sort of prayer or chant for only good entities.

  • The best surroundings are those of a relaxed atmosphere. Place the board where you will be comfortable. On a table works great. Your arms will get tired. Light incense or dim the lights, whatever relaxes you.

  • Light a black candle to absorb negative energy, a white to give off positive and red for love.It’s best to have an additional person available to record the letters. The planchette on the board can move with incredible speed.

  • Be prepared to be introduced to many of the spirit’s pals. They get bored easy where they are (so I’ve been told).

  • Working alone on the board is not recommended. It’s easy to fall into using it too often and since all energy is focused on you, the spirit world will tend to visit you more.

  • Be cautious in what the spirit asks of you. If you become uncomfortable ask to say goodbye.

  • Treat the ghost as if you are speaking to a live person in front of you. Use manners and don’t ask them about death. If a ghost gets offended they may stop abruptly. Make sure the conversation ends in a goodbye on the board, do not leave it open ended. If they choose not to say goodbye, apologize, mention you need to say goodbye and move to goodbye on the board.

  • Most important of all, don’t make them mad. I’ve heard the most awful stories of angered and or insecure spirits.

  • Remember you are the one in control.

  • If you feel uneasy how a session may have gone, burn some sage in the form of a smudge stick and envision pure white loving light in your home and surrounding you.

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